Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Benefits of Babywearing

So I already posted on babywearing this week. So what! I'm just too excited about the new editions to my stash to not post on babywearing Wednesday! And by the way, my new sling came! Can't wait to post pics. Think I'm addicted? Maybe. But its nothing compared to some people out there!

Anyways, you've probably noticed that baby carriers are gaining more popularity nowadays, although mamas have been wearing their babies since the beginning of time. At least, I assume they have. I wasn't present at the beginning of time, although it does feel like I'm an old-fogey now that I have a baby! At the very least, very scientific evidence (you know, pictures and personal stories and stuff) show that for many generations and in many countries, mamas have been known to "wear" their babies. Its only in recent years that this age-old parenting tool has started making its way into most modern Western societies and American culture in particular. Aside from being a practical way to carry stuff to and from your car or keeping your toddler contained, there are some other important reasons to wear your baby.

Studies show that babies who are worn cry less than babies who are not worn. It can also help with colic and during the generally fussy evening hours. Wearing your baby builds attachment and allows your baby to tune out when experiencing sensory overload (when facing towards you). It allows baby to learn about the world and his environment from your perspective, helping him organize information and process his experience with a sense of security that a stroller is lacking. It also helps the wearer to be more sensitive to baby's needs. Still skeptical? Just do a search on the ol' google machine for "the benefits of babywearing" or some such term and you will find a plethora of information.

Look, if you choose not to wear your baby, or didn't wear your first baby but would like to wear your second baby, or you just love using a stroller, please don't feel any judgement from me. I just wanted to put this info out there because I wish someone had done that for me. As always you have to sift through all the available information and decided what will work best for you and your family.

I'll leave you with these links that lead to some great pictures of baby wearing mamas:

Ethnic Babywearing slideshow
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Celtic Babywearing


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