Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New fluff (baby wrap this time) alert!

I know I normally post about cloth diapering on Mondays, but its been a few weeks since I've posted on babywearing and I just can't wait to share my latest carriers with you! I recently and unexpectedly added some extra carriers to my stash and all of a sudden find myself with three new carriers! Which do I try first!!! Its so exciting!

Actually, I did order a Baby Hawk Mei Tai and have been waiting on it for several weeks. I've been wanting a Mei Tai for a while now to use instead of the Ergo, which is mainly what the Hubs uses and which I don't find very comfortable. I love that I got to pick out the colors and design.

Look how pretty!

Hubs will never use this one, bwahaha! Actually the other side is simply plain gray, the same color as the straps. Love that its reversible!

And THEN! I found a used Sakura Bloom Essential silk (double layer silk) sling for sale! I've been dying to try one of these because they are just so pretty! I thought it would be nice to have something that's a little fancier for those occasions when an army green, wrinkly ring sling or the Ergo doesn't cut it. Or for those days when I'm feeling a little blah and need something nice to play up my stay-at-home-mom sweatsuit. Its on its way to me as we speak...

But wait, there's more! I got a little crazy on this one. I've been looking for a different wrap because the one I have is a cotton/hemp blend and very stiff. As I'm just learning how to wrap, I find it a bit challenging. I found this Hoppediz Pune and fell in love with it! Evidently there are some importation issues and the retailer won't be getting these back in stock any time soon, so I went for it. Can't wait to use it!!! One side is pink with orange peacock feathers, and the other side is orange with pink feathers. It came with a booklet with instructions for numerous carries and ties. This was a great investment!

My plan is to post about my stash and write reviews on all the carriers I have so look for those upcoming posts.

Also, I have an absolutely HILARIOUS story to share...look for that later this week.


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