Monday, March 31, 2014

Pedestrian Rules in China:You do not have the right of way

Copyright: <a href=''>philipus / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
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Copyright: <a href=''>philipus / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

1-Rules of right of way:1-Babies 2-Grandmas 3-Trucks/buses 4-Cars 5-Motorbikes 6-Bicycles 7-Normal humans 8-Dogs. If you're a dog you might as well not even leave your house.

2-Looking left-right-left does not necessarily ensure safe passage across a road. Look left-right-left-right and run. Look right-left before stepping onto opposite sidewalk. Look left-right-left again when stepping onto sidewalk to avoid being hit by a bike, motorbike, or child on a scooter.

3-To cross the road, wait until there is a significant amount of cars approaching. Run for it, stopping at the center island becoming sandwiched between traffic going in both directions. Once there is a short space between two passing cars, run for it. Once on the opposite sidewalk walk as slowly as possible down the middle of the sidewalk to prevent others from passing you.

4-To ensure safe passage while crossing the street, try to sandwich yourself between 2 local Chinese people and match their speed and vehicle avoidance pattern.

5- Its important to be aware of the fact that there is no directional flow of pedestrian traffic. Sometimes you need to keep to the left, and sometimes to the right. It may be difficult to determine what side of the road to walk on but either way you do it you are wrong.

6-Allow your child to wander down busy sidewalks and public places as they see fit. Bonus points if they are on wheels. Double bonus points if you are in an area for fitness and you allow your child to drive their set of wheels down the middle of the running track, or slowly and haphazardly zigzag across the sidewalk. Don't worry about the oncoming speed runner, he'll do anything to avoid tripping over the kid as he is well practiced in such skills. If that speed runner is you, you may fall and sprain your ankle if you don't jump into car traffic as fast as possible to avoid said child.


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