Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Surviving 2 Under 2 page updated!

I'm FINALLY working on finishing up the pages on the top of the blog. How long have I had this blog, maybe a year? I'm such a slacker. Or maybe I'm just busy keeping babies alive and figuring out life in China. Excuses, excuses…

I wanted to direct you to my 2 Under 2 page because I wrote a detailed description of how to survive the "2 Under 2" period of life that everyone experiences (Not everyone you say? Just me and a few other crazies?) using all the sage wisdom and parental maturity I have gained in the last 22 months. Does this make me an expert? Not likely. But I've survived 8 months (HOLY TIME FLIES BUT FEELS SO SLOW BATMAN!) of this craziness so I'm doing something right…I think?

I've also included a few links to other blogs of mamas that are also surviving, or have survived, with the littles and have said something about it. I found very little on having 2 babies under 2 when I was pregnant with Little Baby so I want to have all these links in one place.

One resource I did not initially mention in that post but will someday go back and update is a blog/book I found called, "A Mother's Survival: Two Under 2" by L.A. Burton. I guess she wrote a blog about her experiences and then published a book. The blog is no longer active but you can get her ebook on Amazon. I always enjoy hearing about other people's stories and experiences and this was THE ONLY PUBLISHED book on this parenting niche! Surely other people in the world have babies close together? Maybe they're just too busy actually parenting to have time to write?!

I have a favor to ask you faithful 2 readers. If you like this blog and that post in particular would you share via Facebook and pintrest? I would be ever so grateful and will compose you an Ode.

Have you parented 2 (or more!) kids under 2 at the same time? What advice do you have for moms who are currently in the trenches?


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